Sims3 The Old West - The Saloon, General Store and Sheriff's Office 舊西部 - 酒店, 雜貨店與警長辦公室

這是一間公共區域的西部街道 有西部的酒吧 雜貨店 和警長辦公室與監獄~ 

這用地我的遊戲裡我把它改成了另類的渡假村了! :)

Built with all Eps up to Island Paradise.

模擬市民3 , 世界歷險記, 夢想起飛, 夜店人生, 花樣年華, 完美寵物, 華麗舞台,
異能新世紀, 四季, 大學生活, 島嶼天堂.

EA Store items (not included) 商店物件不包含: 
The Red Curtains, The Sims Classic- Survival of the Fittest Fixture,
The Sims Classic- Not Really Antlers Display, Fleur de Luce Chandelier, Vineyard Vittles Shelf,
Country Mansion Curtains, Rustic Hanging Basket,
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Wisely the Owl Sculpture,
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Treats for Granny Sculpture,
Le Cirque Esprit- The Show Must Go On Wall Poster, B. Harvard's Water Collection Set,
Thanksgiving Floor Cart by Louie’s Market.